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GVECO was born in 2020 as a child company to NTC (Nasri Trading Co.), GVECO is interested in importing and exporting foodstuff, fresh fruits & vegetables.
Another division of our company provides control & certifications; GVECO is the exclusive agent for GLOBAL G.A.P .
We proudly represent Dutch Nunhems seeds, ensuring top-notch quality from inception.

Additionally we insure fresh crops are refrigerated in our cold store warehouse in Tartus to be ready for shipping.

NTC the mother company was established in 1997 in Damascus – Syria, it started as one of very few companies in Syria that work in importing Banana, then started to enter new work fields regarding fruits, vegetables and more foodstuff.
NTC started to use star care system which is the most advanced and modern system since 2008 and still the only company in Syria to use it.

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Fruits & Vegetables Packing

GVECO operates an exceptionally advanced production line in Tartus, Syria, dedicated to cleaning, sorting, and packaging various fruits and vegetables. Both GVECO and NTC adhere to European standards, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products to both European and Russian markets.

Control and Certification

GVECO has secured the exclusive agency rights for GLOBAL G.A.P. Certification. We are pleased to introduce our flagship product: GLOBALG.A.P. Certification, which covers three production scopes—Crops, Livestock, and Aquaculture—comprising over 40 standards in total.

Cold Store Warehousing

GVECO operates a large-capacity cold storage facility, capable of holding up to 4000 metric tons, equipped with continuous cooling and maintenance services hourly, seven days a week. This facility stands as the first and only one of its kind in the region, situated in Tartus, Syria, one of the pivotal ports in the area. The design and construction of this cold storage were carried out by GRASSO Germany.


GVECO offers comprehensive shipping solutions for your cargo needs. Count on us for prompt, dependable, and secure shipping services throughout the year, facilitating cargo transportation between Syria and destinations worldwide, and vice versa.

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